Post Card Club

I’m all for the conveniences that the present day allows: the internet, email, facebook and youtube — allow us to connect with fans like never before. Still, there is something inherently nice about getting actual mail every now and then that isn’t a bill or a magazine.

My close friends and family know that I love staying in touch via custom postcards. In fact, over the last several years I’ve made it a habit to keep in touch and share my training adventures via postcard updates. It’s fun to send people photos and a little blub to brighten their mailbox.

I’d never considered doing a post card club until one of my friend’s told me that she thought people would really enjoy it. So here it is! For $50 you will get a period training update sent to you. Hang the postcard up on your fridge or tack it to your desk. Enjoy getting something a little different and help support our team.

What You Get

  • 1 or 2 post cards per month for a year.
  • Post cards will feature recent training pictures and updates.

Why You Should Choose This

  • A unique way to support our team.
  • Fun way to stay involved.

Who Likes This?

  • Great For All Ages
  • Consider Doing for A Child or Classroom
2016 Holiday Post Card

Our 2016 Holiday Post Card