Slowly Preparing for the 2016 Iditarod

I’ve been starting to work on drop bags. The easy parts. Packaging granola bars and Capri suns. I eat like an NFL defensive lineman when I’m out on the trail so outfitting me with food is no small task. Fortunately, both Travis and myself are well supported by our town of Seward. Dan and Madeleine Walker lead the team of Sewardites in cooking us trail meals. They coordinate donations and then go out of their way to make sure everything is vaccumed sealed. It is one of the most unique and helpful ways the Walkers have chosen to sponsor us — it frees up a tremendous amount of time not worrying about it.

In the next week, I’ll start working on packaging hand warmers, gloves, extra hats, and neck gaiters as well as extra sets of clothes to send out. It is so relieving and refreshing to put on a new pair of clothes out on the trail. I’m sad though because I only have one set of my favorite pair of long underwear. I’m seriously considering buying a second set!

The dogs have been doing great. Today I left with a 14 dog team and quickly tipped the sled and skidded for a ways before jamming in my snow hook. For a moment, I thought it was all over. I banged my wrist pretty badly and immediately thought the worst. I quickly realized I was over reacting and that I was just fine. I guess my nerves are starting to get me! But boy, does this team have power. I was on my brake for the entire run. They were wired. 

I really had a great run with the team. After I got back, Travis and I compared field notes – also known as photos of our GPS and were amazed to see that we’d gone practically the same mileage despite not talking to one another, training out of different areas and running on seperate trails. 


At night, I’ve been trying to be productive – by packaging up things for food drops or doing other things to prepare me for the ‘big’ day. I should have made necklines tonight or worked on my toggles for my gangline. Instead I binged on Law and Order SVU and relaxed by doing some art. I can never get enough of Oliva Bensen, so much that I even named a dog after her ( a boy) who is currently on my team. I wanted to name a whole litter after SVU characters but that got the vetoed. I’m sure I’ll have another opportunity!

Anyways, it’s late and I have all the work I didn’t do – toggles, labeling drop bags, running again – to do tomorrow. Things are sneaking up fast!

I am excited because my sister confirmed last week her plane tickets and I just got an email from my brother with his plane ticket. My whole family, minus my amazing brother in law and my two adorable nephews, will be at the starting line to send me off on my way to Nome! I am beyond thrilled!

Happy trails,


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