Northern Lights 300: Getting Prepped

We start the Northern Lights 300 tomorrow. I am looking forward to hitting the race trail, to that magical “take off” moment because leading up to it has been stressful. Unlike Copper Basin where I felt on top of everything, this go around I am scrambling to get ready — I mean I still haven’t published my race reports from copper basin! Talk about being delinquent. (they are first priority after this race)

The moon has been so bright recently. I am looking forward to hopefully having a clear sky though the forecast calls for light snow. I was excited about the prospect of a hard trail but perhaps we will again be in soft conditions. No matter.

Today has been so stressful that at times I close my eyes, breath in, smell the air around me, and try to plant myself in the moment: what needs to be done next? And then I do it. Then again, what needs to be done next. And I accomplish that. So on and so on. Breaking down impossible tasks into small mangable pieces.

My sled still isn’t packed and theee of the doors ripped off my dog box today so we will all be snuggling close for the ride to the start line! 

My race team:

Zema, Athena, Lena, Rowdy, Hammer, Crazy, Coda, Bensen, Penny, Check, Dolly, Varden, Hank, and Trunk.

This is a 14 dog race. The new additions from Copper Basin are: Hank, Rowdy, Hanmer, Trunk and Bensen.

Staying back this time are: Bud, Madori, and Hoover. 

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