Dog of the Week: Coda

Coda. What a long way this little boy has come over his short life! Coda recently finished his first (2) 300 mile races, The Copper Basin and The Northern Lights, with impressive performances and many miles run in lead.

This little man is a hard working dog who is fun, happy-go lucky, and loves to parade down the trail in from of the team.

As a pup, Coda was an obnoxious puppy. He picked fights whenever play time came about and caused a problem whenever he could. To be honest, his future in our kennel did not look bright. His scrappy attitude was not welcome in our friendly and loving dog lot. But there was something about this little fighter and his puffed out chest that made us stick with him. So, we neutered Coda in May of 2015.

He went from being a punk to a sweet cuddle bug. His scrappy attitude turned into pure determination on the trail and he has worked hard to become a valued member of the team and kennel. His transformation has been incredible and truly inspiring. I am so excited I get to take this little spitfire to Nome!


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