getting ready for copper basin

Getting ready for race day always seems to take longer than expected. To be fair, I’m one of those people who thinks that their is always more time to be had then there really is. We have 3 teams going to the Copper so outfitting ourselves with the necessary stuff has been quite  the process. […]

Dog of the Week: Athena

Athena.  Her name could not be more fitting. This calm, even-tempered dog is much like the Greek goddess of war and wisdom she was named after.  Athena has a can-do attitude and is always brimming with a quiet, excitement. She is always eager to put on her harness and get to work. Like the goddess […]

The Warming

Today the forecast calls for rain. Yesterday, it was 45 degrees in Willow. When I got back from my training trip to the Denali Highwah, I tried to sleep but the cabin was too warm. Even up in Cantwell, I found myself too hot, gloveless, and at times mushing in the rain. It was almost welcome […]

Mushing Home – Part 3 of the Denali Highway Trip

This is the 3rd and final installment on a series of posts describing my 165 mile training trip o  the Denali highway with fellow Iditarod musher, Wade Marrs. You can read part 1 and part 2 first but do not need to in order to enjoy this post. It was hard to leave the warm […]