2016 Pre-Iditarod Interviews with Greg Heister

Wow! Greg Heister the voice of the Iditarod stopped by our kennel this afternoon to interview Travis Beals and Sarah Stokey about the 2016 Iditarod We thought it was really cool that the Iditarod is working so hard this year to give fans an extramarital glimpse into our lives and kennels.  Greg asked me how I […]

Back at it

The cold has returned and with it the trails. I’m still working on my 2016 Copper basin 300 story but I thought I would still share the going ons that occur  day to day. It’s been strange reemerging myself in cabin routine. We took a break from running dogs to recoup and recover. I visited […]

Justin's Team Recap

Justin’s team  Justin had an impressive rookie Cooper Basin 300. The dogs worked great and despite catching a bit of a stomach bug were still able to perform strongly. Justin finished with 11 dogs  in a time of  40 hours and 54 minutes. Here is an overview of Justin’s team! We are very proud of […]

Sarah's 2016 Copper Basin 300

Before I talk about the race itself, I’d like to talk about my dogs that made my race what it was. They defined my Copper Basin race and everything they accomplished was an absolute marvel. We were not the fastest team out there but I guarantee we were one of the youngest of not the […]

Dog of the Week: Penny Lane

We heard the same thing over and over again this summer from our glacier guides.  Penny is lazy. Penny doesn’t pull. You should find a home for Penny. Travis wanted to find her a home. In fact, we had one lined up because the winter prior she had spent with our friends and had been […]