Sarah Stokey and the 2016 Copper Basin 300: Sourdough

This is a multi part series on my copper basin 300 race. Please check out the other posts: Dog team overview Part 1: The Starting Line Part 2: Chistochina Part 3: Meier’s Lake As we left Meier’s lake for Sourdough, I realized I wouldn’t be indoors for another 120+ miles. I knew I needed to […]

Sarah Stokey and the 2016 Copper Basin 300: Meier's Lake

This is the 3rd installment in a multi part blog series on the 2016 Copper Basin 300. Sarah’s 2016 Copper basin 300 team overview part 1: The Starting Line Part 2: Chistochina  I pulled hook in Chistochina and found myself dragging the straw my dogs had slept in down the trail. Whoops. That was going […]

Dog of the Week: Coda

Coda. What a long way this little boy has come over his short life! Coda recently finished his first (2) 300 mile races, The Copper Basin and The Northern Lights, with impressive performances and many miles run in lead. This little man is a hard working dog who is fun, happy-go lucky, and loves to […]

Sarah Stokey and the 2016 Copper Basin: The Starting Line

If you haven’t already read the overview of my dog team’s performance during the 2016 Cooper Basin 300 you may want to start with that. Although it is not necessary to enjoy this post, it will add another layer of depth and understanding for the reader. The 2016 Copper Basin: Part One – The Starting […]

Northern Lights 300: Getting Prepped

We start the Northern Lights 300 tomorrow. I am looking forward to hitting the race trail, to that magical “take off” moment because leading up to it has been stressful. Unlike Copper Basin where I felt on top of everything, this go around I am scrambling to get ready — I mean I still haven’t […]