Just Mush

This morning, things finally got real. As we sat throug meetings and trail reports, the Knots I hadn’t felt all season slowly started twisting in my stomach. I have been so sure and confident with too much to get done to have time to worry. But here we are, in the final stretch and suddenly […]

Iditarod Bloodwork & ECGS

We recently took our dogs for their pre-race health checks ¬†which includes Bloodwork and an ECG for each canine athlete.   The ECGS are used to help eliminate any dogs who may be predisposed to having cardiac trouble from participating in the Iditarod.   Blood is also taken and a variety of things are measured […]

Steaming Ahead

It’s been warm out lately. These late January runs feel like the beginning of April and I often leave the yard without my parka. We stop often, to eat snow and roll around it. I enjoy the silly eccentricities of my dogs during our pauses, each with their own quirk, and they relish the attention […]

Slowly Preparing for the 2016 Iditarod

I’ve been starting to work on drop bags. The easy parts. Packaging granola bars and Capri suns. I eat like an NFL defensive lineman when I’m out on the trail so outfitting me with food is no small task. Fortunately, both Travis and myself are well supported by our town of Seward. Dan and Madeleine […]